Summit TITANIUM strutbar front (Civic/Del sol/Integra)

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Summit TITANIUM strutbar front (Civic/Del sol/Integra)

Berichtdoor slowm0tion » 09 Aug 2019, 12:22

Front (up) strut bar TITANIUM, is connected to shock absorber mounting points. Prevents distortion of chassis, this bar is super lightweight and has a perfect fit.

The SUMMIT reinforce equipments improve chassis rigidity and reduce the flex.
By using a Titanium triple tube shaft and forged parts.
Which are not only lightweight but are also exceptionally strong.

SUMMIT upgrades the chassis performance and there by improves handling.

This SUMMIT strut brace (strutbar) is much than other type of brace because the SUMMIT Brace is not hollow, it has 3 to 4 layers of tubing inside the brace and it's made of Titanium.

Prijs: 175 ex verzenden, ophalen in Breda.

Nieuwprijs was 339 euro.

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